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Membership and events

IPPA holds international congresses every 3-4 years. Past congresses have been held in the Philippines (1985), Japan and Guam (1987), Indonesia (1990), Thailand (1994), Malaysia (1998), Taiwan (2002), Manila (2006) and Hanoi (2009). IPPA also produces the peer-reviewed online Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association.

Siem Reap conference, 12 to 18 January 2014 – registration information

Unfortunately, it is necessary to increase the registration fees for the Siem Reap conference owing to the decline in the value of the Australian dollar and an unexpected increase in the hire costs for the new venue.

. Those who have paid already may relax – they will not be asked to pay again.

All presenters at the congress will be required to hold paid-up IPPA membership (A$50 for one year at Rate A, $25 for one year at Rate B) and to pay registration fees of A$165 (Rate A) or $80 (Rate B). To make these payments please go to, or click the ‘Renew your IPPA membership’ link below.

If you are not a member of IPPA, please submit the IPPA membership application form that is also available below. This form is for IPPA record purposes only.

Attendees who are not presenting need only pay the registration fee, but not the additional IPPA membership fee, to cover room usage and daily catering.

An official conference website can be accessed at


IPPA membership application (DOCX 92KB)

Renew your IPPA membership


Contact Peter Bellwood for more information about IPPA membership, and send him your membership application form by email if necessary. If you have questions concerning the Siem Reap conference program please contact Ian Lilley <>

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